House Rules

Rules of Play

  • Don’t touch the GM’s tea
  • Roll all dice in plain view
  • Attempting to hide dice rolls, or picking up the dice before the GM sees the results will result in a forced re-roll. continuing to break this rule will result in an automatic failure.
  • If the GM doesn’t seem to notice your results, have another player confirm them.
  • Once you’ve rolled the dice, you’re committed to whatever action you just took.
  • Go right ahead and play a character of a different gender
  • Go right ahead and make things awkward
  • Don’t complain about how unfair things are for your character, just deal with it.
  • Distinguish in-character speech from out of character speech, and try to speak in the first person.
  • Good character illustrations, and other art for the campaign makes my job easier, and as such earns your character bonus XP or Gold.
  • Maintain an up-to-date copy of your character in the characters section of this campaign page, just in case you forget your character sheet.
  • Updating Wiki pages with accurate information also can net your character extra XP and Gold.

Variant Rules

  • I think fall damage is underpowered, so now it does d8’s instead of d6’s. Unless it’s over 100 ft. of falling, in which case those d8’s become d10’s. Deal with it.
  • There will be a massive damage variant rule in effect. When your character takes 1/2 of your maximum HP or 50 HP worth of damage (whichever is larger) you will have to make a DC 18 Fortitude save. Failure results in being dropped to -1 HP or the HP total you would be at after taking damage (whichever is lower) and suffer a debilitating, and permanent injury, such as the loss of a limb. Success means you merely take the indicated damage.
  • If you successfully roll three natural twenties in a row with an attack, you instantly slay the enemy, assuming they are vulnerable to critical hits. But don’t forget, your enemies can do this too.
  • If you roll a natural 1, you will have to re-roll the dice. The results will dictate how critical your failure was. More natural ones will make the results significantly worse, as well as require you to continue rolling, possibly worsening your situation even more.

House Rules

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